tyFlow v0.16132 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16132 is up!



* added options in Particle Bind operator to re-bind broken bindings
* added sim group filters to Cloth operator CCCS settings
* added interpolation settings to Mass operator
* added tyConvexHull modifier
* added normalize time option to Property Test actor animation test
* added simple interpolation option to tyActor helpers (see docs for more info)


* fixed a bug that could cause Max to crash while loading a tyCache with empty map channels
* fixed a bug where the y/z axis options in the Mapping operator were not working
* fixed an issue with tyCache objects not updating properly when clamping the time range to a single frame
* fixed issues with the way particle binds are displayed using the Display Data operator
* fixed an issue with dead verts/faces/etc causing tySelect issues on edit poly objects
* fixed an issue where ffmpeg-enabled audio tyPreviews could hang during re-encoding until the ffmpeg process was killed
* fixed an issue where the Script operator could crash when trying to bind deleted/non-existent particles
* fixed an issue where the Particle Physics op wasn't detecting all collisions between differently-sized particles across multiple events properly
* fixed an issue where binds displayed by the Display Data operator weren't lining up with binds converted to splines
* fixed an issue where group filtering in the Particle Physics operator wasn't working as intended
* improved performance of tyActor update routine
* tyMeshToSplines modifier now carries forward material IDs
* Actor Animation playback offset variation will now be a positive value between 0 and the specified offset variation value (previously it would be [+/- variationVal/2], which could lead to strange results especially when playback looping is disabled)
* fixed an issue where Actor Animation operator speed variation wasn't working correctly

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