Exporting tyCache with Deadline
Every time I export to a tyCache using deadline I get an error, "Invalid file - only partially loaded" when the tyCache is loaded. After I clear the message, it does show up. It doesn't happen when I run the export straight out of Max. Any thoughts?

Are you exporting to/from the same version of 3ds max?

I believe the invalid file error happens if you export an instance material library from a newer version of max to an older version. It's a max error message when loading .mat files if I recall...not something I have control over. So, for example, if you're Deadline exporting using 3ds max 2022 and then loading on 3ds max 2021, you'll get the error. Just either use matching Max versions, or disable instance material export/import in your tyCache settings.
This is because 3dsMax slave mode doesn't allow to save .mat file.
You need to use 3dsmaxbatch.exe(No Max lic is required) or workstation mode(Max lic is required).
Hmm, that's news to me...I'm not aware of a save limitation like that. Is that documented somewhere?

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