tyFlow v0.16133 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16133 is up!



* added option to enable render-only modifiers for export in Export Particles operator additional geometry rollout
* added "Split Elements" option to Birth Voxels operator
* added custom vector access to Export Particles object export maxscript rollout
* added rotation channel options to Export Particles Alembic point cloud mode. Can now specify whether to save orientation data as a quaternion or a matrix3x3
* added channel name options to Export Particles Alembic point cloud mode
* Custom Properties operator can now set/get simulation/export group values
* added "branch from parent if parent deleted" option to Branch operator (see docs for more info)
* Branch operator now considers particle velocity when calculating whether spacing threshold met
* added new linear array mode to Array operator
* adding clustering options to Fuse operator
* added temporal conform mode to tyConform modifier (see docs for more info)
* added "open edges outwards" mode to tyPush modifier, for pushing open edges of meshes outwards perpendicular to their adjacent face normals
* added splay settings to Branch operator, for evenly spreading child particles out by incremental degrees (rather than just by random divergence)
* added 'towards/away target' mode to Spin operator (spin particles towards/away the central axis of their target particle)
* added frame mode to tyMesher timing settings, allowing you to retime input geometry (not merely offset it by frame)
* added many new options to tyMeshToSplines modifier to weld and optimize the result
* added cross section mode to tySlice modifier, for easily converting sliced mesh cross sections into splines
* added temporal relax mode to tyRelax modifier, for smoothing meshes over time (reduce vertex jittering of deforming meshes)


* interpolation value in Modify Binds operator is now time step independent (note: this will affect the result of sims created with older builds, so be mindful about this before upgrading)
* fixed a bug where weird issues could occur in Max if all nodes in a tyCollection are deleted from the scene
* re-structured the way tySplines and Spline Paths operators work, hopefully fixing a few related bugs in the process
* fixed tyConvexHull validity issue causing it to recompute when object transform changes
* fixed an issue in the Surface Force operator where motion inheritance mode wouldn't always work
* fixed an issue where convex hull operations were retaining isolated vertices of the underlying mesh
* Time Test now exports data to custom float in frames, not ticks
* fixed time sampling issues in Alembic point cloud export
* secondary Alembic point cloud properties promoted to ".geom" child, from ".arbGeomParams"
* fixed a Collision operator issue where particles with thickness traveling perfectly parallel to collision surface wouldn't undergo friction
* fixed an issue where the Property Collect operator was ignoring filters/timings
* fixed an issue where Property Test "distance to target" would always return true for particles with no target
* tyParticleSkin modifier will no longer auto-update when the underlying particle system is set to manual reset mode or display-only changes are made. System notifications sent when doing things like enabling/disabling Display operators are now much less intrusive as well, resulting in fewer unnecessary stack/pipeline updates
* fixed an issue where tySplineMesher in extrude mode with capping enabled would move all knots to z=0
* optimized the tySplines object to prevent cases where large numbers of particles were causing huge slowdowns during cache clearing process
* fixed an issue where enabling "prefer verlet velocities" in a tyCache's settings would always treat "keep frames in RAM" as if it were enabled
* tyFlow object CCCS settings moved to own rollout, from Particle Bind Solver rollout
* tyConform "vert/face/hybrid" modes consolidated into "surface" mode, with added sample parameter to re-specify vert/face/hybrid accuracy
* fixed an issue where use of the Subdivide modifier could cause Max to stop responding in weird ways
Great update!!!thank you! Big Grin Heart
Great update!!!thank you! Big Grin Heart

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