tyFlow v1.00001
tyFlow v1.00001 is up!



* added option in editor right click menu (layout submenu) to disable tyFlow PRO blue grid background


* fixed an issue affecting CPU utilization on licensed machines (multithreading was not kicking in even after being licensed in certain situations)
* fixed a regression preventing tyCaches from loading deforming meshes
* fixed an issue where creating a Select operator from an event output node would disable the initial connection to its new event

Congratulations on the release of tyFlow Pro.

One questioon that doesn't seem to be answered in either EULA or the docs is how to install tyFlow Pro on a render farm. With the Beta we just copied the .dlo to the plugins folder and everything worked. So with tyFlow Pro do we need to buy a licence for each render node or can we use the free version?

Hey Dan,

It's nearly the same with PRO...definitely do NOT jump into buying licenses for render machines because you'd be wasting your money. As of today, you can install it the same way, it's just that render machines will boot up and render in free mode (ie, with tyFlow FREE's 3 limitations)...but they can still render, load tyCaches, etc. However, as noted on the FAQ on the homepage, I am planning to release a render-only version of tyFlow with full multithreading very soon (likely in a couple of days), so you can network render at full speed (excluding-GPU acceleration, but you shouldn't be network rendering GPU-accelerated sims without caching anyways, since they are not deterministic).

And the install would be the same...the tyFlow DLO goes in your network path or wherever. Just as simple as before. I've also setup the render-only version to be installable right alongside the regular tyFlow DLO without causing conflict when they are both simultaneously loaded, so no further configuration will be required for that either...my goal is just to keep things as bare bones and simple as possible.

Once I release the render-only version I will include a more thorough page in the docs outlining these things in detail.
Thanks for the quick reply.

That's great news about a render specific version, I'll keep a look out for it's release.

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