Whether the rotation operator can increase symmetry.

Whether the rotation operator can increase symmetry.

I really don't remember whether I published the functional requirements of adding "symmetry". If I have published it before, please delete this post,
I do have a note about adding mirror options at some point somewhere, but if you have further requests or screenshots regrading your idea, feel free to share.
Great. In fact, I have some superficial ideas about mirror image!
1: The particles are mirrored to the world and local axes
2: Group mirroring means that the particles of a specific group will mirror all particles with a certain coordinate point. For example, this coordinate position can be defined as an object or target particle.
3: Whether the junction of particles can be "welded" after mirroring.
4: Mirror offset. For example, you can adjust the position offset and angle offset.
5: The mirrored particles have output ports or "channels" to mark these particles.
Of course, these are just some of my immature ideas, just a reference. I hope it works for you. thank you

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