tyFlow v1.004
tyFlow v1.004 is up!



* added Volume conform mode to tyConform modifier
* added option in tyFlow License rollout to not auto-request a license when tyFlow in use
* tyFlow License Server can now be registered and run as a windows service (see docs for more info)
* added new edge generation options to Birth Surface operator (particle location, align to edge, scale to edge length)
* added verlet options to Spin operator, which allow you to convert (static) changes in particle orientation to spin (similar to how verlet mode in the Speed operator works)
* added accleration display to Display Data operator (works on uncached data only)
* added selected edges mode to Position Object operator
* added virtual ground collider option to Collisions operator
* Surface Test now has option to consider particle meshes when performing tests
* added First/Last knot options to Birth Spline operator
* added phase/offset params to Cluster operator noise mode
* added fuzzing param to Cluster operator LDNP mode
* added a Push operator
* tyParticleSkin modifier can now run PhysX tearing solver on tyCaches exported with PhysX data
* operator right-click menu options for filters/tests/timing will now affect all selected operators
* added relative distance options to Spawn operator spawn-by-travel mode
* added new direction options to Position Raycast operator
* added face area mode to tySelect Deformation selector, for selecting faces whose area has expanded/compressed beyond a certain threshold
* you can now add/remove block comments with CTRL+Q in the Script operator script editor
* added 'hold after every nth' options to operator Timing rollouts
* various noise frequency/phase values throughout tyFlow are now dependent on time scale (will only be noticeable if sim time scale is not equal to 1)
*  tyCache filename selector menu ([...] button) now has  'increment version/decrement version' options (for filenames containing 'vXXX' version markers)
* tySelect modifier now has "select at specific frame" option, for evaluating the input mesh at a specific frame prior to calculating selections
* added option in editor right-click menu to only draw connections between selected events/operators


* tyFlow v1.004+ version numbering now a little more sane (less zeroes)
* fixed a memory leak in the tyFlow License Server that could cause memory usage to slowly climb forever
* fixed an issue where tyFlow could try to acquire a floating license after scene reset
* fixed an issue where tyFlow could release its floating license during long export operations
* fixed an issue where Export Particles operators (in tyCache splines mode) would export all splines from the flow even when the operator was isolated to a single event (ie, not operating in global export mode)
* improved variation between randomly generate operator display colors
* fixed an issue where setting stretch percent in tySplineMesher modifier to greater than 100 when in Mesh mode on a closed spline would result in weird mesh artifacts
* fixed an issue where VRay could render particles on the frame before they're born
* improved performance of tyCache when displaying millions of particles (up to 10x faster)
* Array operator circular array min/max angles are now unbounded
* Array operator 'align' option will now flatten rotation around circular array axis, so that linear offsets don't influence alignments
* fixed an issue where multiple Move Pivots operators would not work correctly together, for certain particle orientations
* fixed an issue where nth particle display in the Display Data operator wasn't working properly
* fixed an issue where tyPreview could change/overwrite the existing path to viewport background images
* fixed an issue where an event connected to a flow containing only an Export Particles operator was still considered a global export event
* Non-global export operators will now only export cloth/actor meshes with driver particles inside of their events
Hey Tyson

I had my head in the sand when you released the special price for PRO version, is there any chance you will extend that discount price in the future ?

Hey Rob, once the current floating license sale is over, I’m not sure when the next sale will happen, so I can’t make any promises or predictions in that regard….
(03-26-2022, 10:58 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Hey Rob, once the current floating license sale is over, I’m not sure when the next sale will happen, so I can’t make any promises or predictions in that regard….

ok - thanks mate!, I will wait and see

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