tyFlow v1.005
tyFlow v1.005 is up!



* added support for 3ds Max 2023
* added Birth Paint operator, for painting particles directly on scene geometry (consider this a 'beta' operator, as it is still a work in progress)
* added tyVertexVelocity modifier (see docs for more info)
* Regular object listboxes throughout tyFlow can now process multi-item selections
* added 'relative to perpendicular surface area' option to Force operator (see docs for more info)
* added material ID and smoothing group split modes to Face Fracture modifier and operator
* added 'Remap' function to Script operator which remaps a float within a range to another range
* added 'direct conversion to SDF' option to tyMesher blobmesh mode
* selected tyCaches and tyFlows will now display cache load process above the trackbar (as a blue line)
* added phase option to Object and Surface Test operators, and tyWind helper
* added "include children" option to Export Particles object export settings
* Script operator objects list can now properly handle tyCollections
* added 'max length' param to tySplines object, for controlling the maximum length of trajectory splines
* added option to inherit target link from parent, to Wobble operator (now off by default, so wobble particles don't mistakenly inherit parent links)


* fixed an issue where an error/crash would occur when illuminating tyFlow instances using a light source with legacy shadow mapping enabled, when using VRay 5
* fixed an issue where Set Target absolute closest proximity mode would not return correct results when 'consider particle shapes' enabled
* fixed an issue where the friction threshold in the Collision operator could yield unpredictable results in some situations
* improved 'optimize slice borders' function of tyFlow slice algorithm, present in various operators and modifiers. Eliminates rogue verts which could prevent parallel slice seams from closing/welding
* improved tyCache mesh loading performance, when multiple tyCaches are loading the same tyCache file sequence
* auto-generated tyCaches will inherit g-buffer ID of their parent flow
* fixed an issue throughout tyFlow causing incorrect frequency calculations for tyWind helpers
* fixed an issue where the 'center spread around parent' option of the Array operator wasn't actually centering the spread properly
* tyCache will no longer preload cache material library if instance material import is disabled, and will only try to load materia library once, if library file is not found
* fixed an issue where single particles with a mapping override and no prior map data in the override channel would not retain the override
* fixed an issue where pivot point changes to particles could result in particle instance motion blur artifacts
* fixed an issue where the 'GetFloat' function of a Script operator wouldn't work properly when used within the 'SimulationStart' function of a script
* fixed a regression where texmaps could not be dragged out of Script operator texmap button
* fixed an issue in the Find Target operator ('by time' mode) where particles could fail to seek their target if they spent only a single time step out of the event before being sent back in
* fixed an issue where linked particles with 'rotation lock' unchecked (but pos/scale checked) would still have their rotation locked

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