Material ID-From Texture

  I'd like to ask if you can add "Texture" to the material ID for the "material ID" operator? Similar to the material ID operator: from velocity option
For example, the color and material transition of grass and forest can adapt different IDS through hand drawing or procedural mapping to meet the transition needs of different materials.
It also gives more possibilities to the material IDS option of the face fracture operator.
thank you

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Hi cgdvs,

So you're saying that you would paint material IDs onto a texture map, and then the particle would sample that map to take its material IDs? That's an interesting idea...I've never thought of sampling material IDs from a texture before....would you expect to sample the data using UVWs saved in a particle mapping channel? Or from a nearby surface?
Firstly, the purpose of "texture" is to more accurately control the change of material ID.
For example, there are five color changing materials in this forest, and the material change is transitional, not sudden. I think at this time, if you can draw the map manually or use procedural map to assign material ID, you can solve the problem of transition.

In fact, I don't know much about the specific difference between "from uvws" and "from surface". But my original idea was to "get from the surface".
Of course, if you have a better way, naturally follow your ideas

Finally, if you can use "texture" to control the material ID, the "mat ID" in the "face fracture" operator can better control how the object should be broken. I think it's also a good idea. What do you think?

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