Target particle attribute judgment

Today, when I was working on a project, I found that we can't judge the attributes of target particles.
When the target particle attributes change, the particles meet the conditions and are output. Equivalent to a monitor.
For example, for the particles of the existing a and B event groups, when the "property test" operator of the a event particle finds that a property of the target "B" event particle changes (such as scaling change, event particle number change, speed change and age change), the a event particle meets the conditions and is output.
What do you think of the idea?
Hi cgdvs,

You can ready particle target attributes with a Property Test operator...have you tried that?
As far as I know, "property test" cannot test the properties of the target particle.
If you think you can remind me of the specific parameters?
Hi cgdvs,

In Property Test set 'test particle' to 'target'...then the value loaded will be the value of the target particle.
Ha ha, my God, this option has been ignored by me. I really saw it today. Thank you,

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