tyVertexVelocity extension
Hello Tyson

At the beggining I like to thank you for that cool modifier, I couldn't imagine a better way to add velocity to a mesh with changing topology. I found one limitation which I fight for some time and that draw me to write that post. 
Is it possible to have in tyVertexVelocity a little extension like writing velocity directly to the vertex color channel ? Similar to what you have implemented as an "assign to map channel" feature? It's cool to have it but when I need to take geo to Maya or other software via ABC format, map channels do not work soo well as vertex color. If there is another way to transfer map channel data to vertex color I would be glad for help.Thanks for awesome tools!
Hi Bohusz,

That is already possible in the modifier...just enable 'assign to map channel' and set the channel to 0. 0 is the vertex color channel in Max.
Yeah it works ! Smile Thanks Tyson !!

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