Not inheriting uvw
I am calling a tycache into birth flow with flow update, the tycache has a uvw modifier with face mapping. The issue is when loaded this tycache into birth flow, it's losing this uvw information. Also no modifier information is carry forwarded including tyweld.
Would like to know how to fix this.
Can you post the file? Hard to guess at what's going on...
(05-27-2022, 01:19 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Can  you post the file? Hard to guess at what's going on...

Yes, I have put a small note inside tyflow about it. Thanks.
.rar   Cracks_Test.rar (Size: 543.39 KB / Downloads: 16)
Birth Flow loads particles can't add modifiers to a particle object input into a Birth Flow operator, because modifiers operate at a mesh level, not a particle level.

If you need to add extra UVWs or whatever, do it prior to fracturing the geo in your first flow...then export...then load with Birth Flow.
Thanks, understood. Wanted to use tyweld to weld overlapping faces and then wanted to load into birthflow just to add displace detail only to specific IDs. But found a solution for that.
Thanks ?

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