Speed by icon in tyFlow?
Hi there
I am trying to get a simple flow to holds its volume while following an exact path.

In PFlow I would use a speed by Icon to obtain this effect (see video).

In tyFlow there is an follow path operator, but it works with quite a few drawbacks as it has a hard time with fast speeds while keeping the volume. (I feel I have tried all combinations of distance to shape, follow and attraction forces). I can get it near to what I want, but always with some kind of compromise.

Is it possible to make a speed by icon effect in tyFlow, similar to PFlow?

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Currently there is not an exact equivalent to that operator, no. As you've seen, the closest option is Path Follow, but it has drawbacks for fast particles on complex paths. You could drop the sim timestep down to improve accuracy in the meantime.
Thank you for quick response.
Hope to see a solution implemented in the future : )

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