VrayMultiSub and Material ID (random)
I'm not getting randomisation when I use a VrayMultiSub (Face material ID) with a Material ID (random). All particle shapes have a single color in the render. However, when I use a MultiSubMat, then it behaves as expected; eg, random colors according to the IDs assigned in the flow.

In fact, I just can't seem to get the VrayMultiSub to play nice with Tyflow at all. Even using its own random modes, particle shapes are always a single color. What's going on here?

Tyflow version is 0,16134
Vray 5
Are you rendering as instances or meshes? If you're rendering as instances, try meshes. It's possible that tyFlow's material ID overrides are evaluating at an instance-level after the material has evaluated, due to the way instance information is passed to VRay at rendering.

Beyond that you'd have to send the scene to Chaos Group to look at...I have no control over how their materials work, and there are further complications surrounded how tyFlow was implemented in VRay 5 (Chaos Group did the GPU implementation entirely).

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