Particle Parent Target not working with cloth
Hey there
I came across this problem, when I spawn particle and convert the spawn particle into cloth, the cloth particle do read the parent particle, but I cannot set that parent particle as target......I can do so if they are regular spawn without cloth bind. I am attaching the max file so that you can check

Thank you
Nayan Bodawala

.max   ParticleParentTargetnotWorkingwithCloth2023.max (Size: 800 KB / Downloads: 10)
Hi Nayan,

The parent of the cloth particles is the particle you converted, which is deleted during the cloth conversion. So, the original particle you spawned from is actually more like the grandparent than the parent.

To point to the grandparent in this case, assign the parent ID to the particle before you convert it to cloth...then the cloth children will inherit the value before the cloth source particle is deleted.
Yeah, I figured that out by assigning set target before converting to cloth
Thank you for your time

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