are the CUDA files required on Render Nodes?
We are experiencing, that our AMD machines stalls upon exporting/saving the file once rendered.
The culprits have been narrowed down to be linked to the following files in the plugin directory.


When they are present on the render node, a scene renders in about 15 mins.
When they are not, it renders in 33 seconds.

Are the CUDA files required for render nodes, and can they be removed from them and still render tyflow scenes probably?

Thanks  Smile

PS. It does not seem to be a problem on our Intel based render nodes.
Hmm that's strange...never heard of that happening before, nor am I sure what would cause it.

If you're rendering from tyCaches and/or not using the CCCS (which you shouldn't be anyways when rendering...always cache GPU sims out first!)...then those DLLs are not necessary, no. They can be removed without causing any issues.

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