Crane Lifting Object On Rigging (Masterlinks, Shackles, Rope Sling etc)
Hi, first time user here and looking to create a couple scenes where objects are lifted on cranes / winches etc.

The first scene that I'm trying to create is this one - (1:03 - 1:10). An object would be getting lowered and everything would be tight but once it's lowered everything becomes slack and the masterlinks etc all rotate as they would in real life.

The second scene that I'd be looking to do is something similar but the weight is transferred from one crane to another. So as one crane lifts, the rigging on that becomes tight and the object moves in the direction of that crane. At the same time the other crane would become slack.

Is this something that can be done? If so, are there any files / tutorials that anyone recommend I get started with? Thanks!
There are many different ways you could approach this in tyFlow. You could setup the entire system (crane + cable + load) as a fully dynamic simulation with PhysX operators, or keyframe the crane + load and then just simulate the ropes with either PhysX or regular binds. Definitely do-able.
Thanks for the reply. Do you know of any tutorials that would show a similar process for setting up the entire system?

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