Export Particles issue with actor
Hello everyone,

I made a simple scene with a box wich is skinned to 4 bones.

I added that box in an actor with animation sequence checked like in the picture.


My actor is spawned on a plane and is well animated like you see.


I added a mesh operator (not sure if necessary)
Then an export particle operator. I try to export a tycache.


When imported automatically at the end of export simulation, I hide the original tyflow. My tycache show nothing


In current file info I can see there are informations (bordered in blue on the screen).
Would you know how to do the right way in it's not ?
Maybe actors are not permitted to be exported in tycache ?
In alembic or vray proxy it works but I would prefer tycache for the sake of small size file and keeping my multi materials.

Thank you !
Which version of tyFlow are you using? If you're using the last available beta version, this is a known issue. Please see this page for more info about the issue (the fix is easy: just download 1 version prior to the last):

Ok think you ! I have the beta V0,16135

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