tyFlow v1.0051
tyFlow v1.0051 is up!


NOTE: this build features a full UI re-write...which means it may be unstable. If you need to revert back to v1.005, the download link for that build is still at the bottom of the regular tyFlow download page.


* all tyFlow parameter rollouts (for objects, helpers, modifiers, operators, etc) have been converted to Qt (with the exception of the tyCarve modifier, which will be rewritten later)

* added viewport stats display filter to tyPreview
* added "remove material" option to editor right click utilities menu
* added axis option to Object Test 'above/below' modes
* added phase option to Spread and Speed operator noise
* added affect types to Select operator cull mode
* added texture map overrides to Collision operator bounce/divergence/friction parameters
* added planar falloff settings to tyWind force
* added more noise options to tyWind force
* added accuracy parameter to tyWind collider occlusion settings
* added 'enable visible' and 'disable hidden' options to tyFlow viewport menu
* added option in tyPreview to adopt appearance parameters from current viewport settings
* added material override options to tyPreview appearance parameters


* fixed a very old and mysterious bug where certain tyPreview settings could sometimes change at random when switching between cameras in a scene
* fixed an issue where Birth Paint operator painting brush would not appear under mouse on 4k/upscaled resolutions
* fixed an issue where a Birth Objects operator would not import the mesh of a tyCache input
* fixed an issue where Export Particles operator switcher settings wouldn't trigger Birth Objects cache refresh, resulting in incorrect Birth Objects data being exported
* fixed an issue in tyCache objects that could cause a crash while loading PhysX data with multiple threads
* fixed a regression where Force operator spin influence wasn't working
* fixed an issue where Shell operator UVWs could become skewed
* fixed a bug preventing Rotation operator banking from working properly
* fixed a bug where Max could crash is tyConform modifier put on a non-mesh object

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