tyflow 1.0051_The shape operator is a weird problem.

The shape operator is a weird problem.
I'm sorry to report the problem to you so soon.
The shape operator has several problems
1: You can add an object only once. The second repeated addition is invalid.
2: After no multiple levels are created, they cannot be modified uniformly. The options are grayed out. (both the read object option and the material continuation option are gray)
Hi thanks for the bug report, can you clarify what you mean by (2)? I'm not sure I understand the issue...
I uploaded a video in the forum, but I didn't see it in the attachment. OK, I'll send you a link.
Thank you, that's very helpful!
I'll join this thread with another shape operator issue:
in 1.0052,
Reference Node: When I select a group of objects only the object i click will be the referenced node.
Hmm could you elaborate? You mean when you press “add selected” with multiple objects selected in the scene?

Edit: nevermind, I see what you mean. Clicking a literal object group does not select the group head. Will fix, thanks!

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