tyFlow v1.0052
tyFlow v1.0052 is up!


NOTE: as with the last build, this build features a full UI re-write...which means it may be unstable. If you need to revert back to v1.005, the download link for that build is still at the bottom of the regular tyFlow download page.


* fixed bug that would cause all kinds of weirdness in operators containing a filters rollout and simulation/export group checkboxes
* added missing simulation groups to Set Target filters rollout
* fixed a regression which disabled the CUDA Cloth Collision Solver
* fixed various 4k resolution Qt UI issues (group buttons too small, spinners too narrow, curve controls being too short, rollouts not scaling to width of panels, etc)
* fixed a regression where the Speed operator's icon listbox was not working
* increased speed at which values change when Qt spinner arrows dragged
* fixed a regression where the Shape operator wouldn't allow duplicate node entries
* fixed a regression where creating a Select operator from an event output node would crash Max
* fixed a bug that could cause the Birth Paint operator to crash when adjusting brush curve controls
* fixed an issue where clicking and dragging a curve control knot for the first time could result in nothing happening
* fixed an issue in the Shape operator where multi-selection changes were not working in some cases
* fixed an issue where operator filename [...] menus were not working
* fixed an issue where spinbox screen wrapping during mouse drag would cause the spinner's value to jump

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