tyFlow v1.0055
tyFlow v1.0054 is up!


NOTE: as with the last build, this build features the full UI re-write...which means it may be unstable. If you need to revert back to v1.005, the download link for that build is still at the bottom of the regular tyFlow download page.


* added new noise algorithms and comprehensive noise preview window anywhere that noise can be added within tyFlow (tyWind, Force operator, etc)
* added PhysX Shape operator 'compound' mode for simulating dynamic concave rigidbodies
* added export groups as a filter method in the Set Target operator
* added option in tyCollection layer import settings to include child layers (recursively)


* fixed some more issues related to Qt spinner wrapping
* switched UI context menus to Qt menus to avoid some issues with Win32 menus
* fixed some UI issues in the Brick Fracture operator
* fixed an issue where the Set Target operator wouldn't allow helpers to be added to the proximity node list
* fixed an issue where the Object Bind operator's sample dropdown was not working properly
* fixed an issue where refreshing a floating license in the new Qt dialogs could cause Max to crash
* fixed an issue where adding an Actor operator to a new flow could cause a crash
* fixed Qt spinner issues related to constrained values and value selections
* fixed an issue where some tyFlow modifiers were not displaying their data in the view (ex: tyVertexOrder wans't displaying vertex indices)
* fixed an issue where tyProperties modifier mass values were not being assigned to corresponding particles
* fixed an issue where PhysX bind display lines weren't aligned properly

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