In "set target_proximity", we hope to add axial filtering.

   In "set target_proximity", we hope to add axial filtering.
Sometimes, when defining a target, you want the target to define the target in a certain axis, and filter out other axes within the particle radius. For example, only X-axis (or X, y-axis, etc.) is required. Facilitate more precise definition of objectives.
In the figure, one is to generate a target in the mold direction (at the yellow arrow mark). The target like the red dotted line is obtained after axial filtering.
Although it is now possible to obtain a single axial target by changing the model, it is very dependent on the model. In the production of conventional projects, the original model can not be changed or modified at will, so there are not many choices. I want to add axial filtering to the set target operator. So that the target is not generated in other axial directions. I'm not sure whether such a request is difficult for development. I look forward to your reply.
thank you

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I could add some axis scaling parameters that would bias the results towards certain axes, sure.
Great, thanks again

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