tyFlow v1.009
tyFlow v1.009 is up!



* added variation curves to a few operators (Force, Scale, Speed)
* added interpolation curves to all operators that have interpolation parameters (and also added interpolation parameters to the Spread operator)
* added Position Object surface offset curve
* added PhysX Shape grid slice mode, for more accurate convex sub-hulls for compound colliders
* added 'sticky birth penetrations' option to PhysX Shape operator
* added 'exclude ground' and 'exclude collider objects' options to PhysX Shape birth penetration parameters
* all VDB operators now use grid names to identify grids of a certain type, which allows for an unlimited number of grids for each type to be created/modified/etc
* various VDB operators can now utilize more than one grid at a time (ex: VDB to Mesh can apply UVWs from multiple UVW grids, Export VDB can export multiple grids of the same type, etc)
* added option in Camera Cull operator to cull particles that are not visible to an active camera
* added axial bias options to Set Target operator (proximity mode)
* added spread variation settings to tySlice modifier
* added 'unify transform orientation' option to Rotation operator oriented bounds mode
* added option to disable random ordering within Face Fracture algorithm
* added variation parameter to velocity multiplier setting of Birth Fluid operator
* added spread parameters to Branch operator
* added new options to Position Displace operator for displacing particles in world-space using a 3D texmap
* added while-loop protection for Script operator, allowing you to break out of accidental infinite 'while' loops in scripts by holding Shift+ESC
* added point cloud mode to tyCache
* added 'ignore particle interface' option to tyMesher to force mesh mode for particle systems


* fixed an issue where the velocity multiplier of the Birth Fluid operator wasn't having an effect on spawned particle positions at the frame of their birth (only on subsequent frames)
* fixed all preset shapes to calculate a more accurate center point when 'center pivots' is enabled (previously the center was calculated with the shape's bounding box, now it is calculated with the average of all shape vertices)
* fixed an issue where PhoenixFD smoke sims were not affecting particles with the Fluid Force operator unless "only influence submerged particles" was disabled
* fixed an issue where "adding selected" to the list of tyActor triggers could cause Max to crash
* fixed an issue which prevented tyFlow from loading on a machine running Windows 7
* fixed a couple issue where Max could crash if adding a tySplines object to a Spline Paths operator as well any other operator that reads geometry data
* rewrote the Brick Fracture operator - code cleaned and adapted to new PhysX Shape grid slice mode (fracture result will be visually similar to results from previous builds, but may not line up exactly...so this is a breaking change to be aware of)
* fixed an issue where the 'equal' condition could not be selected in the Property Test operator
* fixed an issue where the tyMesher was not properly interpolating PhoenixFD particles, preventing them from rendering with proper motion blur
* fixed an issue where objects could not be added to the location listbox of the Brick Fracture operator

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