Different seed with beta and tyflow pro
I revisited my project made with most recent beta, and the placement of particles is different. 
It probably isn't a biggest of my issues, I can live with swapping the plugin for older projects, but I wanted to make sure there no
other way to get the same result.
My guess is that probably the split by % operator is the main culprit here, but I haven't made enough experiments to prove it beyond doubt.
Is that a known limitation / lack of backwards compatibility with the beta?
There are a few cases where usage of seeds in various algorithms have changed, and the effect of those changes can cascade down to much larger differences in the result. In general I try to avoid changes like that, but sometimes they are necessary. The latest BETA is about 15 builds (and hundreds of additions/fixes) behind the latest version, so it would be very difficult to figure out what exactly the root cause in your specific situation is.

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