"Comb" the orientation of the particles
It's probably been asked already but I didn't find it in a quick search, I would like a practical solution to comb the initial orientation of the particles with a brush for example, I remember Tyson made a post a few years ago about birth brush features (already implemented) but also for scale, orientation, shape, etc... I think eventually all of them will come, but currently I always have difficulty orienting the rotation of the particles in the starting position in a precise way, like combing the orientation of feathers on an animal, or any other particles in a specific object, often this orientation cannot be achieved procedurally and needs to be manipulated more precisely.
I've thought about adding the ability to paint properties onto particles (rotation, scale, etc)...but it's not currently on my immediate todo list because I've got so many other things to take care of before I go back to modifying my existing painting tools. So, maybe in the future, but I can't say when...
I just think that particles can be gathered according to 3D map, and there is no need for the effect of "fluid field"

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