Missing DLL error on render farm system
Hi I have a really odd error popping up, I have tyflow set up on a system on the render farm and it keeps giving me this error in max 2023:
Quote:2022/09/01 15:03:16 WRN: [14436] [10100] Missing dll: tyflow_2023.dlo - tyFlow

2022/09/01 15:03:16 WRN: [14436] [10100] Missing dll: tyflow_2023.dlo - tyCache

But the system definitely has the tyFlow files installed.

I have another couple systems set up and they seem to be running fine, the only difference is that this system doesn't have a GPU, but this is all cached and the same system has the free version of tyflow is running fine on max 2021.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Maybe it's because it's launching in Command Line only? Do I need to set up max's plugins ini manually or something?
The only thing that would cause a missing DLL error like that is...a missing DLL.

Double check that your machines have tyFlow installed properly. Either by having tyFlow_2023.dlo in their plugins directory, or if you have plugin.ini configured to load your plugins from another location (ex: a network folder), that the DLO is in the folder where Max is looking for it.
But i do have all the DLO files in the correct folder as per the screenshot.
Sorry, I saw this post on my phone originally and missed the screenshot.

If you load up Max 2023 on that machine normally (not command line) does tyFlow load?

Also, Max will create a file called Max.log in your local app data folder (you may need to search for it), that will contain more info about what happened during startup. Can you check the contents of that file and see what’s reported during startup? It should print some information about whether tyFlow or tyFlow_render were loaded…I’m wondering whether tyFlow_render is not loading properly.

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