Surface force operator 3D mode

I want to ask you a question about the gradient mode of the "surface force" operator. At this point, the particles will gather according to the color depth. As shown in the third figure.
I want to ask: the "surface force" operator only supports two-dimensional maps, so can it support three-dimensional maps?
When it becomes a 3D space, it can be used to produce some effects, such as particle aggregation and pulling particles into filaments. It will greatly enrich the effect of particles. As shown in the second figure.
Do you think 3D maps can be supported? Thank you.

I found that the "flock" operator can achieve approximate functions, but its problem is that it only attracts to the center. If it can form a ribbon, it will be perfect.
If the surface force operator cannot be upgraded, can the "flock" operator be improved or upgraded?

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I'm having a hard time imagining a 3d texmap achieving the effect you want. Those types of thin streamers are the result of particles being advected through a non-divergent grid (like a fluid sim).
In fact, I just asked if I could support 3D map
The turbulent and eddy effects of smoke are not in this range.
thank you
Surface Force already supports 3D maps. Just enable "surface offset as W" in the Texture rollout.

Mapping coordinates are composed of 3 values: UVW. The UV coordinates will be sampled from the surface and the W coordinate, when that mode is enabled, will be the distance between the particle and the surface. Then all 3 values can be used to sample your 3D map, whereas a 2D map only uses the U and V coordinates.
I see. Thank you for your prompt.

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