tyFlow v1.010
tyFlow v1.010 is up!



* added new 'shortest path' algorithm to Grow operator
* added new 'ivy' algorithm to Grow operator
* added 'Simple ivy flow' to list of editor preset flows
* added ivy leaf default shape mesh
* added a 'Draw Spline' button to Birth Splines and Path Follow operators, for freehand spline drawing on scene geometry
* added filtering options to Element Fracture operator
* added filtering options to VDB Copy Out operator
* added VDB Split and Merge operators
* VDB name parameters now allow wildcards
* added "clear source grids" option to VDB Copy Out operator
* added color pickers to Collision and Particle Physics operators, to control color of radius viewport display
* various VDB operators (VDB Filter, VDB Mesh) can now operate on multiple grids simultaneously
* added position divergence parameter to the Birth Intersections operator
* added clustering option to Spline Paths operator, which provides greater control over how splines are potentially welded by the tySplines object
* added MatrixFromVector, tf.SetMeshID and tf.GetMeshID functions to Script operator
* added spin force parameter to Point Force operator


* fixed an issue where the Fuse operator clustering parameters were not accessible
* fixed an issue in the Birth Intersections operator where the divergence value of the velocity group was affecting particles even when velocity was disabled
* fixed an issue where updating a tyFlow UI curve while playing an animation would not result in a change to the simulation
* fixed an issue where cloning a tyCache would clear its material/mesh overrides
* fixed an issue where the timeslider progress bar for tyCaches was not displaying accurate cache frame ticks
* fixed an issue where spawning particles from a particle affected by a Wobble operator would not transfer over the wobble rotation to the children
* fixed an issue where the Zhu Bridson mesher could have holes in the mesh if blend distance was too small
* switched Relax operator internal function to tyFlow's built-in relax algorithm (the latest Max beta broke the Relax operator, which previously used Max's internal relax algorithm)
* fixed an issue where isolated vertices on a mesh could generate incorrect selection results in the tySelect modifier
* fixed an issue where the tySelect modifier wasn't accepting tyCollection input
* fixed a regression that could cause Max to crash when using the 'Create new' option of the Spline Paths operator
* fixed an issue where cloning a flow with Shape operators wouldn't properly copy the Shape operators over
* fixed an issue where "prevent duplicate assignments" of the Set Target operator was not working in certain modes
* fixed an issue where creating a MAXScript tyPreview wouldn't increment the preview version number
* fixed an issue where pressing the return key after changing a tyActor animation name would cause the text edit control to stop taking input
* fixed an issue where instancing a Shape, Actor or Birth Burst operator wouldn't properly copy its listbox contents
* fixed an issue where tyCache retiming was affecting the evaluation frame of culling objects
* fixed an issue where the Face Fracture operator was not splitting based on matID/smGroup if the number of faces on the input mesh was less than the max face count for the other modes.
Does ivy work with animated objects? Can we grow ivy from one to another while they are moving or one of them is moving around but ivy is wrapping around it. A sample would be nice ! Thanks

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