tyFlow v1.011
tyFlow v1.011 is up!



* added 'attach elements with matching values' option to Face Fracture operator
* added ivy scale multiplier to Grow operator


* fixed an issue where the 'Draw Splines' options throughout tyFlow could crash in various scenarios
* fixed an issue where UVW values at the start of a spline meshed with the tySplineMesher could slide around as the spline deformed
* fixed an issue where UVW values at the end of a closed spline would be compressed
* fixed an issue where Phoenix particle properties were not properly being imported with the Fluid Force operator
* fixed an issue in newer versions of Max where dragging the mouse downwards while trying to select something in a Qt spinner would deselect the textbox content and/or select everything from the cursor position to the end of the line, even if the mouse is positioned to the left of the cursor
* fixed an issue where entering a value in an operator filter spinner and hitting the ENTER key would cause the spinner to lose focus
* fixed a regression preventing Shape operator animated shapes from working properly

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