A hair that stays more perpendicular to the skin the nearer it is to the skin

Yellow: force
Green: object face
Blue: binds
Red: particles

I hope this image demonstrates what I'm trying to acheive. If I create a string of bound particles, the first of which is bound to an object (green face), and apply a force, how do I get the particles closer to the object face to stay more perpedilcular to the object face. Angle bind works for all the bound particles but the first particle in terms of stopping any sharp angles. The first particle still rotates freely though.

For example, with a hair protruding from the skin in a strong wind, the closer the hair is to the skin the more perpendicular to the skin it will be. The hair above the skin won't immediately veer off at a sharp angle in the direction of the force.

Hope that makes sense, and that someone might have some ideas. Thanks.
You'll have to use PhysX bindings for this...regular particle binds don't contain any orientation info and can't be used to maintain rigid orientations between a particle and a surface.

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