terrain EXPORT height map error

I'm setting up a terrain using UDIMs, the colour map seems to work correctly, but the heightmap appears to have a seam between the tiles.

iv attached some images for you to look at



ps the normal map is fine too

Can you post the file?
(03-06-2023, 09:28 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Can you post the file?

I'll have to post tomorrow now Tyson 


Ps, do you want all the maps too?
Sure Smile
Hey Tyson

i can't upload any "7z" or "exr's"  , is that normal?
i tried a ZIP file too, but then it said it was too large lol

iv attached Max file for now  Smile
the flow is disabled currently too


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Ah, I think I may know the reason.

Disable 'normalize' in the height map export settings.

What that's doing is taking all the height values and finding their minimum/maximum and then converting the results into values ranging from 0-1. However, in a tiled setup this can mean that each tile will have a different normalization...one tile's min/max may be 0/50, another tile's min/max may be 2/47...if those mismatched min/max ranges are all converted to 0-1 values, the resulting extrusions/texmaps won't line up exactly.

If you disable that the resulting EXR values will be in real-world scale, but the tiles will line up.

In the future I may add a secondary option to 'normalize across all tiles' or something, so that normalization can be re-enabled but all tiles will be normalized together, preventing inter-tile differences.
Ok, next build will have the fix with the new combined normalization option. Here you can see the before/after:

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great stuff Tyson , is this the same issue as the "banding" from my other post?
No, the banding is a separate issue. But it's also fixed in the next build.
thanks Tyson , much appreciated

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