freezing particles efficiently
I'd like to create a bunch of particles on frame 0 and just have them frozen there. What options do I have ..

1. to freeze the particles as they are on frame 0 so that tyFlow doesn't have to update?
2. to freeze everything except for example orientation?

I know I can use cache, but I couldn't find a way to hold the first frame.
- You can use Birth Flow in another TyFlow system that will read any frame of your initial TyFlow sim. I used it often when I do heavy PhysX sims, so I fracture them in first Tyflow, then I use Birth Flow, select the first flow, and when I apply PhysX Shape, it doesn't have to fracture particles all over again.
Another useful operator is Flow Update, and is used of you want to load animation from first flow.

- If you want a simple mesh, you can add mesh operator, disable "render only", and just do a simple snapshoot.
I couldn't find a way to disable the first flow. How do I do that?
You don't disable it, you need it to be active, in order that second flow reads from first.
I personally, just hide it with right click - hide selected, or on eye icon on the scene explorer.
So it would still be required to be calculated on every step? Is there a way to have it only calculated for example on the first frame only and pass those particles?

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