cuda cloth and collision operator
im trying to send out cloth particles based on collision, using the collision test set to collide once. the operator is set to continious. the cloth uses CCC solver. 
the cloth-to-object and intercloth collisions are fine, but the particles arent send to new event. 

is that a known issue or is something wrong in my flow?

second question:
can i use filters on cuda cloth? 
i got certain edge particles of my cloth saved as birthID channel so i can access them with filters.
in the case of my scene it would be neat if i could only test collision of those edge particles and then object bind them.

does the CCC solver supposedly support all the filtering and all the tests like all other particles or are there limitations im not aware off? 

thanks in advance
The CCCS is sort of its own thing, that is part of the post-operator solve. So it doesn't contribute to collision tests (you can't move particles between events based on whether or not they underwent collisions during the CCCS solve), and you can't exclude parts of the cloth from the CCCS once you enable the CCCS on the cloth. The only exception to the latter is if you disable those particles with a Particle Switch operator...but then they won't undergo any cloth solve.
alright, so it is indeed a bit special. could be helpful maybe to have some notes in the documentation on "cloth bind operator" page ccc section.
maybe its already there and i just didnt find it, but i was searching the documentation for some info on this Wink
thank you!

for anyone else wondering:
i ended up using surface tests in the areas where i wanted to test by collisions. its not perfect but it does the job in my setup.

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