tyFlow v1.015
tyFlow v1.015 is up!



* added tyActorIK helper, IK colliders rollout to Actor operator and internal actor IK solver
* added ability in Birth VDB operator to convert 3 input float grids into a single vector grid
* added "avoid overlapping faces" option to Spawn operator position settings
* added "seed per tile" setting to Terrain Noise, Warp and Erosion operators
* tySplineMesher "trails" mode now supports closed input splines
* added "soften radius" value to Terrain operator interpolation rollout (color mode), for smoothing potential banding issues due to low-precision color channel data
* added height normalization mode option to Terrain Export operator
* added UVW channel setting to tySplineMesher modifier, to specify where trail-specific UVWs will be saved


* fixed an issue where the trails mode of the tySplineMesher could freeze when meshing deforming splines
* fixed an issue where the tySplineCache modifier could inherit the viewport mesh display settings of other splines in the scene
* tySplineMesher trails mode will now carry over material IDs and UVWs from source splines
* Spawn operator 'entry' mode removed - will auto-convert to 'per step' mode with timing set to entry instead
* fixed an issue where the [...] button of the tySelect modifier was not working
* fixed an issue where actor rig particle velocities were not being calculated correctly
* fixed an issue where self-intersections in a mesh could create slice artifacts when slice cap algorithm set to "CDT"
* fixed a filename parsing issue that could prevent tyCaches from loading when their filenames contained too many underscore characters
* fixed an issue where diffuse particles in Birth Fluid wouldn't generate in PhoenixFD grids with a large cell size

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