Material/Texture issue Multiple objects
Hi Guys!
First time poster so...

I want to stack a pile of firewood and I have 14 different kinds... The animation filling up the pile is kinda alright but I can´t seem to get the material correct. Is there something I´m missing? I have the "Material:Inherit from reference" checked...

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[Image: AWPIUgF.png]
Instance materials are only visible at render-time Smile
Hi and thanks for your answer! Even when I render it shows the same as the viewport, and also tried the "No material override" with no luck Sad
Which renderer are you using?
Vray, tried both Vray 5 and 6
Hmm...can you send me the file? It looks like you're importing the particles from a group...that could be why. I can take a look.
Super! Thank you... sent you a link via PM

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