Terrain Erosion Flicker. Animation

I have been playing around with the terrain addon, and it's GREAT! I love it.  Big Grin

But I have one small problem, maybe its a bug, maybe its something that I'm missing
When you are animating the terrain and have the erosion filter on there is always some flickering going on.
The top part of the terrain, ridges are beautiful, but it always seems to be on the slope or in the lowest parts of the terrain, where the erosion digs in to the terrain, and it flickers. 

Do not know what to call this.
And I cant seem to figure out, how to get rid of it.

I made an example file, that I tried to exaggerated the flickering


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.max   tyflow_terrainTest_J_jg001.max (Size: 1.2 MB / Downloads: 16)
.mp4   tyflow_ErosionAniTest_flickering_jg001_PhysCamera001_preview_v001.mp4 (Size: 4.09 MB / Downloads: 18)
Each frame the erosion is being resimulated....and the simulation itself involves computing a procedural flow of water cascading down the terrain and taking sediment with it. As soon as you change anything about the terrain, you get a butterfly effect of changes to the end result. There's not much flickering on the peaks because they don't represent areas where the changes between frames accumulate.

You can attempt to increase evaporation and such, to prevent large accumulations of (invisible) liquid at the bottom of the valleys, which may reduce flickering as less sediment will accumulate there, but there's not going to be a sure-fire way to get rid of all the flickering in a simulation with continually changing terrain just due to how the simulation works.

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