Problem with Actor Ragdoll collision
Hi there,

this is clearly a user error on my part but I can´t seem to figure out what went wrong.

I started off in trying to recreate something similar to the default Actor sample project with the arrows hitting people, turning them into Physx ragdolls that fall down.

I wanted do have people running and hitting walls and then fall down. Seems simple enough but for some reason they hit the wall and parts of them stick to the wall as they collapse.

Could someone find out what my mistake is?

Thanks in advance!


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In your ragdoll event you're binding by proximity to other particles...but your wall colliders are also imported as particles in your Birth Objects the ragdoll is binding to the wall.

The simplest modification you could make in this setup to fix this, is to enable bind clustering in your PhysX Bind operator and assign a unique cluster channel value to your collider particles (ex: -1, since all other particles' default value will be 0). Then the colliders will be excluded from the bind search.

Attached is a file showing how to do that.

Really a setup like this should not use proximity binds (actors should normally only use hiearchical binds, which you'd also enabled in your scene)...but maybe there's another reason you used proximity as well, so that's why I'm offering this solution.

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Thank you very much for your reply!

 In fact unchecking proximity binds was really what did the trick. Is there a way to let the actors in this setup collide with each other too, so that they not only collapse by hitting a wall, but also when they run into each other?

Thanks you kindly!

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