cloth material and culling
im trying to seperate cloth meshes at render time. 
in my case i got several cloths that are deactivated but already in the camera Frame. 
id like to have them invisible until they get activated. 
i tried to seperate them using export groups (while exporting from tyflow and also using culling in tycache object after re-importing).
i also tried it using material IDs. 
propably its not working because groups and IDs get assigned to the particles but not to the cloth-mesh right?
what is the best approach to seperate (cuda) cloth meshes at render time? 

thanks in advance!
Bit tricky to figure out what you're trying to do from the description alone, but you're right that groups assigned to particles don't transfer to mesh.

There's not really an easy way to filter individual cloths from display that I can think of at the moment...
yes sorry i should have prepared an example scene but im on a timer this week  Confused 

i think i found an easy solution though: 
after caching (the cloth meshes)  i put an edit poly on the tycache object, selected some elements, then used "delete mesh" modifier. 
so now i got my seperate tycache objects (clothes pieces) and can make them appear using materials.

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