tyFlow v1.016
tyFlow v1.016 is up!



* Birth Spline and Birth Surface operators now respect tyProperties modifiers on input nodes
* added "future collisions (sweep)" option to PhysX Collision operator, for detecting when future collisions will occur
* added new compatibility options to Export Particles alembic (mesh) exporter, for improving export to applications like Unreal Engine
* added 16-bit png height map output support to Terrain Export operator
* added new CPU rollout to tyFlow objects with extra threading controls
* added export ID parameter to Spline Paths operator (and corresponding option in Export Particles operator spline export mode)
* Alembic mesh exporter has been completely re-written to allow for more flexible output, including unlimited UVW channels
* added node-per-particle export settings to Export Particles alembic mesh exporter, for much smaller ABC files
* added center pivots option to Shell operator


* fixed an issue where the Split operator's random percent mode wasn't working properly
* fixed an issue where moving/rotating a native Gravity/Wind spacewarp that's added to a Force operator could crash Max
* fixed an issue where actor IK wasn't working properly with scaled actors
* fixed an issue where rendering terrain alongside particle instances could result in terrain getting wrong material applied to it
* fixed an issue where tyCache bounding boxes were not displayed correctly if mesh overrides were applied with scale overrides as well
* fixed an issue where applying a tyVertexVelocity modifier to tyActor input geometry could cause Max to crash
* fixed an issue where the tyTerrainColor texmap was not doing any pixel filtering
* fixed an issue where distance/falloff values in tyConform volume mode weren't working properly
* fixed a crash that could occur when assigning a convex PhysX hull to a mesh with degenerate elements
* fixed a crash that could occur if PhysX binds connected to the ground were set to breakable
* fixed an issue that could cause the Birth Paint operator to crash during initialization
* fixed an issue where the Birth Objects operator's 'center pivots' option was not matching result of Move Pivots operator's 'center pivots' option
* changed tyPreview mp4 output, so that if the user has specified an explicit framerate, the 'FPS multiplier' setting will be ignored in that regard - instead of increasing framerate it will allow you to export slowed-down video at the specified framerate (ex: setting 'FPS multiplier' to 2 will produce a video that plays back in 2x slow-motion due to twice the number of frames being exported - but only if framerate is set explicitly and not left on 'auto')
* fixed some tyFaceFracture artifacts that could occur in 'polygons' mode
* fixed a regression that could cause a crash when inherit motion is enabled in the Position Object operator
* fixed issues related to exporting terrain maps in history-independent mode

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