tyFlow v1.017
tyFlow v1.017 is up!



* added version of tyFlow for 3ds Max 2024
* added order index options to Position Object operator, for ordered modes
* added angle step option to Rotation operator's divergence settings
* added "remove UVW overrides" option to Mapping operator


* reverted default values for pin threads/threading hints in tyFlow CPU rollout, due to performance issues related to those settings on some machines
* made high thread priority (which was off prior to the previous build and on by default in the previous build) optional
* fixed an issue that could prevent a history-independent simulation from exporting/rendering correctly
* fixed a regression where native forces other than gravity/wind (ex: motion fields) were not working in the Force operator
* fixed an issue that could prevent certain PRT sequences from loading into a tyCache object
* fixed an issue that could cause the PhysX Switch operator to crash, when "use threading hints" is disabled in the flow's CPU rollout
* fixed an issue where exported PRT partitions were not all respecting flow retimer settings

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