tyFlow v0.16011 (BETA)
New version is out!


Here's the change/fix list:


* experimental 2016 build added
* tyParticleSkin initialization phase is now multithreaded
* operator timing parameters are now keyable
* listboxes will display horizontal scrollbar for long node names
* you can now assign verlet velocity to vector channel in Custom Properties operator
* Custom Properties operator can reset particle age
* Custom Properties TM channel can now save/load orientations
* Position Object/Scale/Surface Test/etc texmap option now supports deriving the map directly from the target object's material
* renamed "Material" operator "Instance Material" operator, to help avoid confusion
* Growth operator can output born particles
* additional logging added to try and track startup crashes/errors (contact support@tyflow.com for more info)
* added variation spinners to Flock operator for per-particle variation of parameters.
* tyCache will now export all particles, even ones that do not have an assigned shape
* added a timeScale setting to tyFlow objects, to allow the scaling of simulation time during the resimulation (as opposed to the retimer which scales time afterwards)
* the 'particle to object' exporter will now apply materials to exported meshes, including materials assigned to particles with an Instance Material operator.
* Display operator can now filter by simulation groups
* Property Test operator can now test particle surface area
* Display Data operator can now display particle surface area
* Fluid Properties operator can now read fluid RGB values
* added a Cloth Collect operator for collecting particles of the same cloth mesh together that had been previously separated into other multiple events.

Bug fixes:

* fixed a bug where VRay NEXT would render tyFlow geometry black if render elements were present
* fixed a bug where VRay IPR would crash (the fix is a workaround: instancing is now automatically disabled when in IPR mode)
* fixed bug where max could hang during save in certain circumstances during a save when the flow is retimed
* fixed a bug where tyCache retime-by-speed spinners not working
* fixed bug where tyParticleSkin wouldn't initialize properly if reference flow birth frame wasn't 0
* fixed a bug where the operator depot wouldn't stay resized if high DPI window scaling is turned on
* fixed a bug where Export Particles would unnecessarily reset the simulation after export in some circumstances
* fixed bug where Display operator export groups where not working
* fixed bug where pressing '...' menu button in Script operator would cause a crash
* fixed bug where changing time units could crash a cloth sim if tearing is enabled
* fixed an issue with PhysX velocity integration causing resulting values to display incorrectly
* fixed crash that could occur during simulation reset when using PhysX bindings
* fixed rogue materials sending incorrect reset notifications to "Instance Material" operator
* fixed a bug where deforming meshes were not colliding with particles properly
* fixed a crash when setting particle groups in the Particle Physics operator, when in non-integrated mode
* fixed an issue where the presence of a PhysX shape operator would always override particle mass even if override mass was disabled
* fixed issue with Spread operator where the noise function is not properly reseeded each frame
* fixed a bug where Script operator custom property names were treated as case-insensitive
* fixed a bug where Rotation operator object alignment would give improper rotations if the target objects' scale was skewed
* fixed a bug where having a mapping override on cloth vertices would scramble cloth mesh in some circumstances
* fixed a bug where the tyParticleSkin modifier wasn't working with the tyFlow retimer
* fixed a bug where a Collider that sends a particle to another event containing a Collider could kill particle velocities if a collision occurs in the first collider
* fixed a bug that was causing actor rig parts to playback with their animated transforms out of sync
* fixed a bug where the reseed function wouldn't affect all operators
* fixed a crash that can occur when instantiating certain tyFlow helpers (tySpline, tyIcon, etc)
* fixed a crash that occurs if you add a tySlider to a Particle Break operator without enabling tearing on a prior Cloth Bind operator
* fixed a bug that would cause the Particle Bind solver to skip some collisions when OpenCL acceleration was off
* fixed a bug that would cause the Path Follow operator to crash if one of the input splines was deleted
* fixed a bug where particles moving over an Object Bind surface with 'scale' bind enabled would random change scale at different frames
Hi, VRay NEXT GPU now it's working?
a little bug

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Heart  Thank you dude for all your awesome work!

Elements for denoising while using V-Ray Instances from tyCache working great!
Thank you shirani, I'll look into it Smile
Tyson, amazing that now we can see a good chance to have tyFlow working on 2016!

I'm able to render a spline with tySplineMesher on VRay 3.6, just a massive grain scene that would be very heavy to render without Vray instances... Other than missing the vray instances, is there any other feature missing?

But now being able to have tyCache object, so we could load .tyc files into 2016, is already something good.. But certainly having Vray Instances working as well would be awesome. Is there a chance we might have vray instances working on 3.6, or is it a SDK/ChaosGroup limitation?

My best
Right now the limitation preventing VRay 3.6 for 2016 is something I have to work through with ChaosGroup and not something I can fix here on my own as far as I can tell so far in my testing.
add operator list in right click the tyflow...
like TP & Pflow
Maybe better
[Image: heart.png] [Image: heart.png] [Image: heart.png] [Image: heart.png] [Image: heart.png] [Image: heart.png] [Image: heart.png]
Face Fracture

tyFlow_016011  VS  tyFlow_016010

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Pflow can you send the scene to support@tyflow.com please.
Thanks for this awesome tool, i'll wait for data operator too.... you know how gullible cotton butt mushrooms we are.. Wink Big Grin

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