tyFlow v1.020
tyFlow v1.020 is out!



* added separation value to tySlice split mode
* added pre-process parameters to Cloth Bind CCCS settings, which help to avoid issues when coincident/overlapping edges/faces exist in an initial cloth setup
* added "Override mtl" option to tyPreview viewport material override setting (only available if custom material already assigned to view)
* tyCache "cull by ID" option now features select button you can press to select particles in the view with your mouse


* fixed an issue where the Terrain Scatter operator wasn't positioning particles properly when a Terrain Transform operator was used to offset the terrain
* fixed a memory leak that could prevent global mesh caches from being cleaned up when no longer in use
* fixed an issue where certain VRay 6 vrmesh files were not loading correctly
* removed value constraints on force spinners in Particle Force operator
* fixed some issues that could cause the tySelect sub-selection gizmo to be un-transformable when certain modes are activated
* fixed an issue where the global mesh cache prevented the Object Bind operator from working properly
* fixed an issue where tyPreview wouldn't properly restore material override settings when preview finished
* fixed an issue where tyCache display could be offset by -1 frames if particle dot/ID display enabled

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