tyFlow v1.024
tyFlow v1.024 is up!



* in 3ds Max 2023 and higher, the VDB Display operator can now display proper density volumes in the viewport
* added interpolation parameters to Position Object operator
* added an .ai file importer (accessible from the regular file import menu), which allows you to import .ai files from all versions of Adobe Illustrator (not just version 8 and below) if you have Illustrator installed on your machine
* added outward spread mode to Spread operator
* added birth index tracking to Birth Objects operator
* added "subtract" operation to vector/scalar values in VDB Modify operator
* added particle custom data modification modes to VDB Modify operator
* tyMeshRepair modifier can now fix duplicate map face indices
* added (sticky) "hide after adding" option to tyMesher
* tyFlow can now request seats from a floating license server using only environment variables (no local config file required) - see docs for more info (https://docs.tyflow.com/license/pro/floating/)
* added simulation mode options (history in/dependent) to editor right click menu, and moved display options to Display submenu
* renamed Objects to SDF operator to Objects to VDB operator, and Particles to SDF operator to Particles to VDB operator...and added options to initialize either as a density grid instead of an SDF


* fixed an issue where tyFlow was not compatible with FumeFX 5.0.6+ (the minimum supported FumeFX version is now 5.0.6). Given that minimum version requirement, tyFlow is compatible with FumeFX 5 and 6 again.
* fixed an issue that could prevent tyFlow from rendering in command line mode in Max 2019 and below
* fixed an issue where a tyParticleSkin using a tyCache as input wouldn't render or update correctly in some situations
* fixed an issue where the Select operator wouldn't function correctly in some setups with multiple events
* fixed an issue where the "velocity from UVWs" mode of the tyVertexVelocity modifier was not integrating the velocities for the second half of the motion interval correctly
* fixed an issue where tyFlow's general slice algorithm (used throughout various operators, but most commonly in Voronoi Fracture) could create UVW stretching artifacts in places when 'optimize slice borders' was enabled
* fixed an issue where the "weld bindings" option of the tySplines object was having issues welding binds together properly in situations where more than two bindings connect to single particles
* in very rare cases where a filesystem issue corrupt tyFlow license data and cause Max to crash during startup, a warning should now pop up during the next initialization of Max, which provides instructions on how to reset the license data

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