tyFlow v1.028
tyFlow v1.028 is up!



* added “push elements” option to tyPush modifier, for expanding mesh elements outwards (to create exploded views of mesh elements)
* added "relative to travel distance" option to interpolation settings of Rotation operator (see docs for more info)
* dragging an operation connection line into the header of an event (not just the connection node) will complete the connection
* added "preserve normals" option to Brick Fracture operator
* added "split non-manifold edges" option to tyMeshRepair operator


* fixed a regression introduced in v1.027 that offset terrain noise parameter block values (this fix restores terrain noise parameter blocks to pre-1.027 ordering). If you noticed weird changes to your tyFlow terrain noise values in 1.027, this was the cause. Terrain noise created/saved in v1.027 may need to be adjusted to compensate for this return to prior ordering (parameter ordering in the +/- and curve rollouts were offset by one)
* fixed an issue where tyCache objects wouldn't properly report if they were loading a particle age channel
* fixed an issue where the legacy particle interface implemented by tyCaches was not returning proper particle age values
* fixed an issue where the tyMeshRepair modifier could ignore the winding order of isolated faces
* fixed an issue that could cause extreme slowdowns in Face Fracture operators when “preserve normals” enabled
* fixed an issue where the “look ahead” parameter of the Property Test neighbors mode would not accept negative values
* fixed a regression that could cause the tyFaceFracture modifier to crash when max face count greater than 1
* fixed an issue where the particle interface in tyFlow objects was returning incorrect orientation values for scaled particles (in the GetParticleOrientationByIndex function)
* fixed an issue where the auto-freeze option of the tyUVWFreeze modifier wasn't working properly
* fixed an issue where the VDB Modify operator wasn't able to pull in custom float/vector values from same-flow particles
* fixed an issue where rotating a particle's pivot with the Rotation operator would not also rotate its explicit normals
* PhysX Shape compound voxel mode will now perform random interior sampling of meshes, so that if voxels are culled due to max voxel limit, the remaining voxels will be randomly distributed to improve coverage
"dragging an operation connection line into the header of an event (not just the connection node) will complete the connection" don't work for me.
Works as usual on connection node, but don't work in the header.
( 3dsmax 2022 )
Thanks for letting me...I see the issue and it'll be fixed next build.

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