TyActor reanimation after ragdoll event
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Hi everyone ! 
I would like to know the trick to chain those events Actor animation> phyx ragdoll > and (the tricky one i can't figure) reactivate animation from the place where the actor are
for example TyActors run toward an object> collide with the object are sent away as ragdolls > then after hit the ground some meters further they get up again and run again toward the object.
So far all my attemps of reinitiate animations, put TyActors back in their first and intial place... a.k.a a pathetic and sad fail !  Big Grin

thanks for your help ! 
I guess it's currently impossible.
For setups where actors collide, fall and stand up again there is just an animation chain of "falling down" and after some time with a "stand up again" animation. But everything fully animated and not simulated as far as I know.
Every driven animation is "killed" as soon as there is an physX simulation. Indeed it would be great to have once a reactivation mode.
thanks, for your reply
that's what I thought. I dropped this idea and moved on to something else. But there must be a way to "collect" the location of root particles and say to tyflow that it's actors and begin again the chain ...
Yes this is possible, if you convert your particles to PhysX kinematic bodies after they come to rest, they'll obey animation animation. You can use the interpolation settings in the Actor Animation operator to blend from their fallen state to the animation state. And the Actor Center operator (specifically designed for this) can be used to move the root particle to the rig particle center, so that animation begins from the center of the fallen rigidbodies, rather than the previous position.

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