Gap between particules and floor

I'm starting with tyflow and I have my first question.
I hope I'm in the good forum section.

I've a scene with geospheres are propulsed n the floor with a cloth parameter. I don't have any problem with the similuation.

But my problem come during collision (geosphere -> floor). In fact when I render with vray GPU I have a space between floor and my geosphere however when i do the render with CPU I don't have this problem.

How can I make my render with GPU without this gap problem ?

I let you two images of the same projet image, one with Vray GPU render one with Vray CPU render.

Thanks a lot !
Have a good day !

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That's...very strange.

First thing to try: move the tyFlow object to the scene origin ([0,0,0]) and see if the offset goes away...
well, I tried again putting at the origin but I still have the same thing... Same frame:

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Hard to offer much more help without seeing the scene file...try caching the sim out and rendering the cache instead.

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