Folding volumetric soft bodies
Hi everybody!
Knowing how much of a help you`ve all been in the past with all my problems, thought I`ll come back here for some advice...

I am looking for a way to simulate soft body that can be folded, but is preserving it`s own volume in the same time. 
Want to avoid inflating it like a baloon, just keep the original shape that will wrinkle in the folds and interact with its own surface and surrounding objects.
Let`s say the object I want to bend should behave like a large pillow with a sponge inside that is rolled and bended.

Been fiddling with soft body tutorials, but the problem is, when soft body is moving faster- driven by some elements that are meant to move it around, the geometry is collapsing to the inside, that looks like it is an empty bag instead of  a soft body that have some volume to it. I would like to find a way to preserve a voume of soft body so it only gets wrinkled at the point where it is bending.

Would appreciate any ideas how you guys would approach such problem?
Maybe if you clone object that is used for cloth, add some Relax, or TyRelax (effectively make it smaller (and inside the cloth)) , and use it as collision object?

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