passing operators into other events

i often find myself instancing operators into other events in same flow
ie display/mesh operator  is instanced in "X" amount of events

could we not have a tick in the operator to "pass" it too all other/or chosen events ?

as in the image i often find myself copying etc into other events



This is not generally possible for a variety of reasons...the biggest of which is the fact that many operators are dependent on their order within an event in order to function properly, so just checking some box telling an operator to propagate automatically to other events would leave its order in an ambiguous state.

That said, I could envision giving Mesh and Display operators (whose order is not relevant) an elevated status similar to Export Particles operators, where placement in an isolated event causes them to affect all other events. Then you'd just put a Mesh/Display operator in their own event and they'll affect all events.

I'd have to think about it though...that's a pretty sweeping change.
understood Tyson

it was just for quick basic setups, not really intended for more complex cases


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