The "instance material" of "tycache" has no effect

The "instance material" of "tycache" has no effect, and I am not sure if it was operated improperly or if there is a "bug". So please take a look.

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Firstly, your tyCache render mode is set to meshes, not instances.

Secondly, I'm not sure why but it seems like something happened where the material assigned to the override button, but not to the underlying material array. Unassign the material to the button (drag the material to the material editor, then right-click on the material button and choose 'clear'), then re-assign it and it should work.
I switched from instance mode to grid mode. Because I have tried other options before, but none of them have been effective.
What you said about "clearing" and then endowing it is indeed possible, which is really strange. Thank you!

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