tyFlow v1.100
tyFlow v1.100 is up!



* added Multifracture operator - powered by the PRISM engine - for advanced particle fracturing
* added tyMultifracture modifier - powered by the PRISM engine - for advanced object fracturing
* added PRISM engine support to tyBoolean modifier, for advanced boolean operations on objects (PRISM is a fully-featured boolean engine, capable of completely replacing the previous Carve engine, with new features and superior performance)
* added option to allow non-manifold edges in Push modifier elements mode
* added option in VDB Copy Out operator to affect either all grids, or only grids with same name, when doing non-add/set operations (ex: subtract, intersect, etc)
* added mesh adaptivity setting to tyMesher blobmesh mode
* target filter options added to Set Target operator's value and sibling modes
* added "outward from gizmo" mode to tyPush modifier element push settings
* added distance/falloff settings tyPush element push settings
* added "inherit velocity" option to Birth Objects operator
* added X/Y/Z axis spinners to Push operator element amount parameter
* added "ignore non-manifold edges" option to tySelect grow/shrink parameters, for expanding selection through manifold edges only (edges connected to only 2 faces)
* added "From birth ID" mode to Material ID operator
* tyCache's PRT loader will now load all 32-bit float/vector (non-default) channels as custom properties
* added new relative distance parameters to Spread operator
* added convex hull display to Display operator and tyCache display settings
* added option in tyParticleSkin modifier to use polygon centers as reference search location, rather than face (triangle) centers
* added hull inflation parameter to PhysX Collision operator's sweep test setting
* added "don't integrate velocity" operation to PhysX Switch operator
* added "evaluate operator after PhysX" option to operator timing rollouts
* added "is target" test to Property Test operator, to test if a particle is the target of another target
* added option in Display Data operator, to limit displayed float values to only values within specified range
* added "copy/paste noise values" options to all tyNoise "Presets" menus, for quickly copy/pasting noise values from one place to another
* added PhysX inertia override settings to Mass operator
* added center options to tyPush elements mode
* added "UVW seams" selection mode to tySelect modifier
* added new explicit normals and material ID filter parameters to tySmooth modifier


* fixed an issue where deforming meshes accessed by the Script operator would only return the vertex positions of their first frame
* fixed an issue where VDB meshes were sometimes displaying before the frame on which they were generated
* VDB Copy Out operator will now only initialize grids in next events when there is data to pass out (this affects the behavior of 'on entry' timing in operators in the following events)
* fixed an issue where subtract an SDF from an empty grid would result in the SDF data being added to the empty grid
* fixed an issue where tyFlow's .ai file importer would mistakenly close Illustrator if it was already open before the tyFlow importer was used
* fixed an issue in the tyBoolean modifier where both operands would be displayed in an intersection operation if there was no overlap between their bounding boxes
* fixed an issue where PhysX Shape particles, generated from particles imported from a tyCache using Flow Update, would not preserve their "ignore penetration" state
* fixed an issue where PhysX Shape particles would not preserve their "ignore penetration" state if they were scaled
* fixed an issue where the Set Target operator could move particles in some configurations, even if "move to target" was disabled
* fixed an issue where the Export Particles alembic mesh exporter was not exporting mesh UVWs when secondary mapping coordinates set to UV instead of UVW
* improved quality of tySelect curvature-mode results
* tyPush's push-element mode will now use element bounds to determine direction/distance from center (previously the center of all element vertices was used, but this would skew direction/distance towards denser parts of meshes)
* fixed an issue where assigning explicit normals to a mesh, then extracting its elements would clear the explicit normals of the element meshes
* improved a viewport display performance issue related to explicit normal preservation
* the "transform with object" mode of the Birth VDB operator will now pre-multiply the transform with the transform from the file (fixes an issue where PhoenixFD simulations with adaptive grid enabled would not import with proper alignment when transforming with object)
* improved speed of Birth Objects "split object elements" function (element extraction is now multithreaded, and a bug was fixed which was causing significant slowdowns during this process)
* fixed an issue where pressing TAB in the Birth Paint operator (while painting) to switch modes between paint/erase was exiting paint mode entirely
* fixed an issue where texmap buttons throughout operators would display "T" (denoting a texmap assignment) even though no texmap was assigned
* fixed an issue where the tyLooper blend curve was being interpreted the wrong way when loop mode set to "loop from beginning"
* fixed an issue where the tyLooper blend curve could be set to exceed values between 0-1
* fixed an issue with various tyFlow modifiers that could cause scene update slowdowns when a large number of objects exist in the scene (ex: tyConform would run much slower with 10k objects in the scene, even if tyConform was not dependent on those objects)
* fixed an issue where fracturing a particle could invalidate the sticky/ignored contact state of its children
* "future collisions (sweep)" option now on by default in the PhysX Collision operator
* "preserve normals" in the shape operator is now on by default
* fixed an issue where the tyConform modifier wasn't updating properly when its parent object was linked to another object
* fixed an issue where "initialize from density" in the VDB Modify operator wasn't working
* fixed issues where Export Particles operator wouldn't work properly with multiple Camera Cull operators
* fixed an issue where global mesh cache meshes imported by a Shape operator wouldn't update when the source node was changed
* tyCache mesh files will now initially be written to a temporary file until all data is exported, avoiding corruption of mesh backup data if mesh write process fails
* fixed an issue that could cause disconnected triangle artifacts to form when using the PhysX tearing solver of the tyParticleSkin modifier
* adding a Displace operator to particle meshes will now automatically clear their explicit normals
* adding a Cloth Bind operator to particle meshes will now automatically clear their explicit normals
* tyParticleSkin now uses a more accurate search metric when PhysX tearing solver enabled in conjunction with particle mesh search
* fixed an issue where the tyTerrainColor texmap could lead to runaway RAM consumption
* fixed an issue where the Element Attach operator wasn't properly preserving the normals of attached meshes
* fixed an issue where colliding particles with a mesh that is being scaled up from zero would result in wildly inaccurate collision artifacts
* fixed an issue where retiming a flow simulated with a timestep that is not evenly divisible by the scene tick count, with 'cache subframes' enabled, would result in many playback artifacts
* fixed an issue where "relative to mass" was not working in the Find Target operator
* fixed an issue in a few operators where unique meshes generated would reset pivot offset changes made to particles
* fixed an issue where the relaxation "preserve borders" option of the tyConform modifier was not working
* tyPreview will now block screensaver from activating while previewing (previously, if the screensaver activated while previewing, frames would appear frozen during playback in the resulting preview file because the viewport won't update if the screensaver is activated)
* fixed an issue where inflation normal display was not working in the Modify Bindings operator
* fixed some issues related to how inflation/lift work in the Modify Bindings operator
* fixed an issue where "nth frame" settings in operator Timing rollouts could cause frames outside of the specified timing interval to become active
* fixed an issue where toggling "cache subframes" would force a sim reset even if sim reset mode set to manual
* fixed an issue where exporting a cache of a sim set to manually refresh would auto-refresh the sim when the caching is complete
* fixed an issue where modifying an object stored in the global mesh cache wouldn't necessary clear the caches of its children, leading to an invalid cache state for the children
Amazing !!

Thanks so much for your hard work!
Amazing + 1 !  Big Grin
Incredible update ! Congratulation for Prism !
"* fixed an issue with various tyFlow modifiers that could cause scene update slowdowns when a large number of objects exist in the scene" *** Thanks ! ***

Just tested the new version on this fix : its amazing ! works sooo well ! Thanks !  Heart
We need quick built in presets for Prism built into tyflow for basic material like glass, ice, concrete, clay, etc. So one click and it's done

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